August 26, 2016

Feed Me the Words

Oh! these words,
travel through the world.
A pilgrimage they make,
passing oceans, skies and lakes.

What panoramic scenes we know,
if words are not to flow.
                      a gamboling kitten,
                      a solitary lighthouse,
                      a volery of birds.

What paradisiac nature we see,
if words are not set free.
                       the auriferous sun,  
                       the fluvial contours,
                       the humongous hills.

Words are what - the mirabilia of this world.
So, feed me the words. 


  1. Vandana ... how true that words are miribilia's of the world, I think it's cool how our words can reach so many people, so easily... lovely poem ♡ xox

  2. Very creative. Thank you for sharing this

  3. This is a lovely creative "take" on words - and how their wonders can carry us away to magic places.

  4. Words are my best friend... *smiles*

  5. Words in the hands of the talented can be most spectacular. Descriptively beautiful Vandana!


  6. Vandana, so many wonderful turns of phrase here. You have a knack for employing the richest of the words you are "fed." Lovely! Amy


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