Me And The Moon

In the calmness of night
my thoughts take a flight

I gaze at the milky moon
and float in a swoon

reaching to the great white orb
my soul’s absorbed

aura of this great pearl
sweeps me in swirls

my thoughts are frore
but ,I am whole



  1. I wish I had your talent for verse and poetry.

    In a sense all birds are related from a common ancestor but there are approximately 10,000 bird species in the world, all of them different in large or small ways.

  2. The moon is a wonderful companion when you need one...

  3. "aura of this great pearl"...A magnificent image!

  4. I love rhyming poems! <3 Especially lovely ones like yours. Would be awesome if you changed the font colour though..pretty hard to read

  5. Thank you for this moment.

  6. Yes, there is something quite transcendent about staring up into the moon - it really does calm one's soul. Perhaps it is the realization (visited anew) that it is the one thing that unites humankind ... whatever our differences, we all live under the same old moon.

  7. Ah, the magic language of the moon, a voice I need too *smiles*


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